Planning your website

Designing a website can be a complex task and requires a good deal of forward planning to achieve the results you require.

As a basis for discussion you may find it helpful to start by thinking about the questions below. They are designed to help you focus on some fundamental principles necessary for the creation of an effective website. Some of the questions are just for you to think about, others can help me in the design process.

What are the goals of your website?

What do you hope to accomplish by publishing this website? (Raising your profile/gaining business/informing your audience/asking for feedback/fundraising?)

Will you be able to measure whether your goals have been met?

Would you like to monitor visitor numbers to your site?

What is your ideal timeframe for completion?

As a guideline I would envisage completing a website within 4 - 6 weeks depending upon your requirements, assuming all essential content was made available to me.


What content do you need to accumulate? (Eg. text, images, media, links to other websites, downloadable documents)

Who do you need input from to help you achieve this?

Who is your target audience?

Your target audience will influence what you put on your website.

Who is your website aimed at?

How will users most benefit from visiting your website?

How could they follow-up areas of interest – links/downloads/contacts/online form/member forum?

Do you envisage including an interactive element such as an on-line form?

Website appearance

Do you have an idea of how you want the website to look like?  Eg. Navigation preferences; colour schemes; images/graphics; overall appearance.

Have you seen examples of other websites that you like the look of? What is their URL (eg. If not I can show you some possible options.

Domain name and hosting

Have you already purchased a domain name?  If not, what name would you like?  Eg. The ending you opt for (eg., .net, .org, .com) will determine how much you pay for a domain name.

Have you already organised a host server? Eg. via your company/university/hospital.

I offer both these services and can advise you on options available and costings.

Any further questions?

Please note any further questions that have not been covered above.